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YOUNEE from South Korea is a virtuoso, prize winning pianist and an impressively talented and awarded singer/songwriter who, from an early age, has a desire to break the boundaries. Her tuition begins at the age of three, then involves studying classical piano for the next twenty years and culminates in a B.A. in classical piano from Yonsei University. YOUNEE is one of a small group of highly trained classical musicians who are equally at home on Jazz, Pop and Rock stages.

In 2006, she releases her first and highly successful debut album ,Love' (EMI) as "Key's Piano" in Korea, becomes a star in her native country and a permanent guest in TV-shows, festivals and contests. She is also highly active as a songwriter writing a string of pop songs for other Korean artists, such as the title song and No.1 hit of "Dan Hansaram" for the Korean TV drama "Famous Princesses" on KBS-T.

Soon, YOUNEE decides to move to England with the aim of writing and producing in collaboration with several icons of the British jazz scene and to release her English language crossover-album "True To You" in the UK. The album track 'Home To You' hits several radio charts in the US culminating in the No. 1 spot of the important AC-Chartbound listings, and YOUNEE, together with her co-writer, wins the category of 'Best Songwriter' at the Music Aid Awards.

In 2010, YOUNEE tours the UK with some exceptional jazz musicians (a.o. Gary Husband, Derek Watkins, Nigel Hitchcock, Richard Cottle, Richard Niles, Robert Rickenberg) playing all the important jazz venues such as "Pizza Express Jazz Club", "100 Club", "606", "Vortex", "Stables", "Bedford Club", "Never Ending Song Festival" etc. , as well as appearances on "BBC Woman Hour", "Jazz Line Up", "BBC3 ?Sue Marchant Show", "JazzFM ? Gary King Show" and other types of media exposure. YOUNEE is among the chosen few to be invited to the Steinway Festival, her performance is recorded by BBC Radio 3 "Jazz Line Up" and its full-length feature is the only one to be broadcast several times in a row.

YOUNEE succeeds in quite naturally crossing over from any one genre of music to another due to her phenomenal pianistic and vocal gift and because melody is really YOUNEE's first language. Talking of languages, she now lives in Germany and her German is already almost as good as her English.

YOUNEE would not be YOUNEE if her constant search for artistic challenge would not have taken her back to her musical roots of classical music and the great masters. Her new album ,Jugendstil', recorded at the famous 'Emil Berliner Studio' in Berlin, is a brilliant mixture of classical, jazz and pop influences, a piano journey blending those different worlds of music in a fascinating way: The way she treats her classics from Rachmaninoff, Dvorak, Bach, Beethoven to Mussorgsky is truly unique.

With her second album "MY PIANO", South Korean Composer and singer/songwriter YOUNEE, who has been lauded as a star pianist by the enthusiastic media, proves once again that she indeed ranks among the finest!

For "Jugendstil", her German debut album which had taken the bestseller-charts by storm, she had still relied on the "classics" such as Mozart, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff and others for inspiration, but on her new album YOUNEE lights impressive fireworks of eleven of her very own compositions, of breathtaking dexterity and technique ranging from furioso to pianissimo and taking the listener along on a highly emotional journey and into a new world of piano music.

Until the final note, everything happens intuitively, spontaneously, unexpectedly, without ever drifting off into the realms of kitsch or virtuosity for virtuosity's sake. "That's me", states YOUNEE, an equally pretty as well as charismatic performer currently living in Germany, about her new album.



"My Piano"